Frequently Asked Questions

The Bully buddy

What is a Bully Buddy?

A simple-to-use, dog-friendly safety device designed to grip bully sticks nice and tight, preventing dogs from swallowing and choking on the bully stick. Bully Buddy maximizes enjoyment for dogs, while minimizing stress for owners.

Is the Bully Buddy a toy?

No, the Bully Buddy is a safety device with a playful look and feel. It is specifically designed to hold Bow Wow Labs right sized bully sticks so dogs can safely enjoy them. Once your pup chews the stick down, remove and discard the last bit of stick, and store the Bully Buddy in a safe place until the next use.

Where can I buy a Bully Buddy?

Currently, the Bully Buddy 1 is available for purchase on our e-commerce website along with our premium hand selected bully sticks that are guaranteed to fit your Bully Buddy. On our website, you can also pre-order other sized Bully Buddies for dogs under 10 lbs and dogs over 25 lbs.

Does the Bully Buddy work for all dog sizes?

The Bully Buddy currently for sale in our online store has been designed and tested to withstand the bite strength of dogs in the 10 to 25 pound range. The design and test phase for other sizes is currently underway, and some of these are now available for pre-order in our online store.

Each Bully Buddy in the Bully Buddy Family is made for a specific weight range in order to ensure the safety of dogs both large and small.
Bitty Buddy: For Dogs Under 10 lbs*
Bully Buddy 1: For Dogs 10- 25 lbs**
Bully Buddy 2: For Dogs 25 - 40 lbs*
Bully Buddy 3: For Dogs 40 - 55 lbs*
Bully Buddy 4: For Dogs 55 - 70 lbs*
Bully Buddy 5: For Dogs 70 - 85 lbs***
Bully Buddy 6: For Dogs 85 - 100 lbs***

*Currently available for pre-order only
**Available to Purchase
***Still in development, not currently for sale

You can receive updates on the progress of the other Bully Buddy sizes by signing up for our email list.

How much does a Bully Buddy cost?

The Bully Buddy retail price is $24.95. This is also the price for pre-orders on the larger Bully Buddy sizes. We will announce updated retail pricing for the Bully Buddy family once the rest of the sizes are available for immediate purchase.

How long will my Bully Buddy last?

The Bully Buddy 1 is made of durable rubber with a tough inner grip that is dishwasher safe. It should last throughout many cycles of use as long as the appropriate sized dog is using the appropriate sized Bully Buddy and as long as the device is taken away and stored in a safe place when chew time is over.


What are bully sticks?

Bully Sticks are 100% natural beef muscle that has been cleaned, dried, and baked, making them a durable and delicious treat for dogs. To learn more about bully sticks, click here.

Are bully sticks healthy?

Yes. A bully stick is a natural, fully digestible single-ingredient treat with several health benefits for dogs. Plus Bow Wow Labs' bully sticks come only from grass-fed cattle who receive no antibiotics or hormones. Our bully sticks are hand-selected and sorted to ensure they fit the Bully Buddy properly. Click here to learn more about the health benefits of bully sticks.

Are bully sticks safe?

Yes, bully sticks are safe when paired with a Bully Buddy to reduce the choking risk. Click here to learn more about bully stick safety.

Why are Bow Wow Labs bully sticks different?

Our premium bully sticks come from the highest quality free-range, grass-fed cattle with no added chemicals, and they are hand-selected and sized to fit tighly in the right size Bully Buddy for your dog. Read here to learn more about how our Bully Sticks are low odor!

I already have a Bully Buddy, how can I order more bully sticks?

Bow Wow Labs bully sticks are available as a single purchase or as a automatic monthly delivery via our Easyship program. By signing up for our Easyship program as a new customer, you can receive 50% off your first month of sticks plus a 5% discount each month after that. Sticks come in packs of 10 or 20 and can be delivered every 30 or 60 days.


How do I use the Bully Buddy?

1. Push the marked end of a Bow Wow Labs Premium Bully Stick (look for the blue dot!) all the way into the Bully Buddy.

2. Hold the orange collar with one hand and twist the blue ball of the Bully Buddy in a CLOCKWISE direction with the other hand. Alternatively, you can hold the blue ball and twist the orange collar in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE direction.

3. The collar should be twisted as tighly as possible. When fully tightened the top edge of the collar will be at least even with the ends of the three blue clamping arms, but it could extend past the blue arms for thinner sticks.

4. Once tightened, give the bully sticks a firm tug. If it slips, re-insert and tighten more.

5. Once your dog is done snacking, remove and discard the last bit of stick (the choking hazard!). Store the Bully Buddy in a safe place until you're dog is ready for another treat!

What if I have different size dogs in my house?

Currently the only Bully Buddy that is ready to ship is for dogs in the 10 - 25 lb range. If you have dogs of multiple sizes in your house it is important that you supervise your dogs to make sure the larger pups do not have access to the Bully Buddy 1. The design and testing phase for the rest of the Bully Buddy family is underway and we are working to finalize a production and shipping schedule for those products early this year. You can receive updates on when the other products will be available by signing up for our email list.

My dog is a super chewer, can he/she use a Bully Buddy?

Of course! If your dog is an aggressive chewer you may need to level up from your dog's weight range to the next size Bully Buddy. If you're not sure what version to order for your pup, no problem, we can help! Just shoot us a note at

My dog is under 10 lbs., can he/she use the Bully Buddy?

Dogs under 10 lbs are certainly welcome to try out the Bully buddy, but it may be too heavy for them to handle and the size of the bully stick that fits the Bully Buddy 1 is likely too big for the smallest dogs gentler chew strength. We would recommend waiting until we have a Bully Buddy designed for dogs under 10 lbs. This version is currently in its final design and testing phase and is available for pre-order.

Does the Bully Buddy hold other dog chews?

Bow Wow Labs sorts and selected each of our premium bully sticks to make sure they fit securely in the Bully Buddy. The Bully Buddy is not guaranteed to hold all sizes of bully sticks or other similarly shaped dog treats. Sticks or treats from other retailers may or may not fit in the Bully Buddy and could slip out of the product while in use.

What do I do once my dog has chewed the Bully Stick down?

Untwist the bully buddy tightening ring to release the last piece of the bully stick – the choking hazard – and properly dispose of it. Store your Bully Buddy in a safe spot for its next use.

How can I order a Bully Buddy?

The Bully Buddy and all future Bow Wow Labs products are available to purchase or pre-order via our e-commerce website!

Bow Wow Labs EasyShip Program

What is the bow wow labs Easyship PRogram?

The Bow Wow Labs Easyship Program allows you to receive premium hand selected Bully Sticks from Bow Wow Labs every month. Choose a pack of 10 or 20 and get your pet's favorite treat delivered to your door every 30 or 60 days. No stress, no hassle, just delicious hand selected treats!

What are the benefits?

Easyship Program Members will receive:

Free shipping on autoship orders
50% off the first month and a 5% discount on each consecutive month
hand sorted, right sized premium bully sticks

How CAn I sign Up?

Click HERE to sign up today!

Pausing and Cancelling your EasyShip Membership

You can pause or cancel your Easyship membership at any time -no fees, no penalties. It's that easy!


Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the United States and Canada.

Are there shipping fees?

Free shipping is available on orders over $50.00 and on all Easyship programs to the US. We also offer expedited 2-day shipping for an additional charge. All other orders will incur standard shipping charges.


Who is Bow Wow Labs?

The team at Bow Wow Labs is made up of a diverse group of men and women on a mission to keep dogs safe and healthy with products and services that make life easier and fun for dogs and their owners. We offer innovative products that build lasting bonds and we do it all in the name of creating happier dogs with empowered owners, maximizing the enjoyment of having a dog while minimizing many of the risks dogs encounter in every day life.

Who is Finn?

Finn is the Bow Wow Labs wonder dog that survived a nasty choking encounter with the short end of a Bully Stick. His story inspired the Bully Buddy. Check out "The Lab" to watch our video on Finn's story and learn more about how the Bully Buddy came to be!

What kind of charities do you support?

We are huge advocates for great non-profit organizations that support dogs, including animal rescue and rights organizations, and vet and service dog support organizations. We will be giving a percentage of our profits to support great organizations. If you know of an organization that would like to consider partnering with us, please send us a note at

How can I stay updated on news and offers from Bow Wow Labs?

Great question! Click here to join our email list and receive updates and special offers.

How can I contact you?

Please send an email to and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you have job opportunities?

We are currently a small and nimble team, but be sure to check back on our website for any future opportunities!

I have a unique opportunity for Bow Wow Labs!

Excellent! We want to hear about it! Send us a note at

Will Bow Wow Labs be selling other products?

Yes! The Bully Buddy is the first of many proprietary products that will be coming from the Bow Wow Labs Innovation Lab. Our mission is to create innovative products that keep dogs safe, healthy, & happy and provide owners with peace of mind. You can find other pet health and wellness products in our Pup Swag store.

I pledged to the Bully Buddy Kickstarter Campaign

I pledged to the kickstarter campaign, now what?

First and foremost, thank you for your support! It it because of you that we are on our way to keeping dogs everywhere safe! The next step in the process is filling out our Backer Survey. If you did not receive a Backer Survey via Backerkit or Google Forms, please contact us at Following the completion of the survey, we will keep you informed on manufacturing and production. Bully Buddy 1 orders started shipping at the end of October 2018. Orders for the other sizes of Bully Buddies have an extended shipping timeline. If you have a question about your specific Bully Buddy order, please reach out to

I bought a pledge package through your pre-order store, not the campaign. How do I access my survey?

Please wait 2 business days after placing your order to receive your survey. If you have not recieved a survey via Google Forms and it has been two business days since your order, please send an email to

I was told that I would be able to choose the size of my Bully Buddy. Where do I tell you what size I would prefer?

When you fill out our backer survey, you will be asked questions about the size, chew strength and breed of your pup. This is the important information we will use to determine which size Bully Buddy is the correct match for your dog.

When will I be charged for my pledge?

Once you have completed your backer survey, your card will be charged within 5 business days.

When will I receive my Product?

Bully Buddy 1 orders started shipping at the end of October 2018. Orders for the other sizes of Bully Buddies have an extended shipping timeline. If you have a question about your specific Bully Buddy order, please reach out to