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About Bow Wow Labs

Finn & Scott's Story



In 2013, Scott Woolwine had quite a scare when his dog Finn swallowed and choked on a piece of a bully stick. As Scott prepared to rush Finn to the emergency vet, Finn was able to cough up the stick, but the close call was enough to send Scott in search of a solution that would allow Finn to enjoy bully sticks safely. A quick web search showed that bully sticks were a serious choking hazard. Because dogs loved these treats, there were DIY solutions to address the problem. The most popular solution used steel vice grips attached to the end of the bully stick, which came with a warning. Broken teeth! Finding no other viable (and safe!) commercial solution on the market, Scott began sketching out designs, and the Bully Buddy was born.

Bow Wow Labs

To take his new invention to market, Scott teamed up with other dog lovers to create an engineering, design, marketing, and operations dream team.

At Bow Wow Labs, we got to thinking: In this whole "Dog and Master" relationship thing, who–exactly–owns who? Meaning we love our dogs and we do everything we can for them, but do we really want to worry about choking when we give them treats or wonder whether our couch will be chewed to smithereens when we leave them on their own for a bit? So we developed simple innovative solutions to keep dogs entertained, healthy, and safe. And in doing so, we want to make it easier for you to live with your best friend–without getting the short end of the stick.

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