Dog Food Recall Round-Up<br>February 2019

Dog Food Recall Round-Up
February 2019

Dog Food Recall Round-Up
February 2019

Bow Wow Labs is back this month with your
February Pet Food Recall Round-Up!

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We know it can be difficult to keep track of all the different recalls that happen across pet food products, so don’t worry! Bow Wow Labs is here to make it easy for you to keep your dog safe. In case you missed a notice, we have rounded up the information and summarized it for you here, in our monthly Recall Round-Up.

February 2019 Dog Food Recalls

Product: Hill’s Pet Nutrition across 25 different varieties of the company’s Prescription Diet and Science Diet foods.

Reason: Elevated levels of Vitamin D due to supplier error
Date: 2/1/19

Monitor your dog for signs of excessive Vitamin D consumption

Dogs who eat too much Vitamin D can experience vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, frequent urination, excessive drooling and weight loss. Extremely high doses can also cause kidney failure. If your dog is showing signs of any of these symptoms please contact your veterinarian right away.

Just #ICYMI, here are the recalls we reported for January 2019.