Help Promote Safer Bully Stick Snacking

Thanks for being willing to spread the word about safer bully stick snacking! We've made it super easy for you to get all of the important info out there for us.

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    Facebook Post:

    @BowWowLabs is well on their way to keeping pups across the nation safe! With the Bully Buddy, their patented safety device that lets dogs enjoy a bully stick treat more safely, they have successfully met their initial fundraising goal. Now they have even bigger goals and need your support! Please consider donating to their campaign and sharing this post with other dog-loving family and friends. #doglover #dogsafety #BWLBullyBuddy

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    Sharing is caring - that's why I wanted to share Bow Wow Labs' Kickstarter for their Bully Buddy dog-friendly safety device with all of you. Support their efforts to keep #dogs safe and happy and please consider sharing this post with other dog-loving family and friends: #dogsoftwitter #doglovers #BWLBullyBuddy

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    Support @BowWowLabs Bully Buddy Kickstarter to help keep dogs safe & happy! #BWLBullyBuddy

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    @BowWowLabs is kickin' you know what at the Kickstarter game! They've met their original goal and are now reaching for stretch goals all in the name of keeping more dogs safe! Please help them in this mission by backing their campaign or sharing this post with other dog-loving family and friends. The link is in their bio. Any bit helps!  #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #dogsafety #BullyBuddyBWL

    LinkedIn Post:

    @Bow Wow Labs has hit their original funding goal for their Bully Buddy Kickstarter campaign! Help them bring more product to market to keep dogs safe by pledging your support and helping them reach their stretch goals.

    Thanks so much again for helping to spread the word about our mission and our Kickstarter campaign!