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Safer Snacking Delivered

Safer Snacking, Delivered.

Exclusive Kickstarter savings on our Easyship plan guarantees the best bully sticks for your Bully Buddy and delivers them to your door, monthly.

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How it Works


Pick Your Sticks

It’s important to use right-sized bully sticks with your new Bully Buddy 1. Ours are hand-selected for the safest fit. Choose how many you want
delivered monthly.


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Enjoy Safer Snacking

Wait for your dog's heart-lurching, baby-waking "the mail's here!" bark when your bully sticks arrive. Change or cancel your Easyship plan anytime for risk-free convenience.

Free Shipping

Hand-Picked for the Safest Fit

Cancel Anytime

Best Bully Sticks

Not all bully sticks can guarantee the safest fit for your Bully Buddy.
Our bully sticks and Bully Buddies are a pawfect match.
Here’s why:

Best Fit

Our team sorts and selects our bully sticks by hand so you always get a pack of snacks that will work best with your Bully Buddy.

100% Natural

Made from 100% grass-fed cattle, our bully sticks have no hormones or other icky ingredients, ever. Now that’s no bull.

Absolutely No Chemicals

Other bully stick brands add chemicals during the curing process. We don’t.

Kickstarter Easyship Plan

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